Order Cancellation Policy

A Customer is allowed to cancel order(s) booked by him/ her at Taskoholic Portal as per below given terms & conditions:-

  1. Order(s) can be cancelled one hour prior to service booked schedule time without any cancellation charges.
  2. For the order cancellation in last one hour; customer has to pay order cancellation charges as per this policy.
  3. Once the Service Provider starts his/ her work on the order(s) and customer wants to cancel the order(s), he/ she have to pay complete payment of the order(s).
  4. If Service Provider forgets to carry his/ her tools or machineries, customer will not responsible for this order cancellation and need not to pay any order cancellation charges.
  5. If Customer is not able to provide consumable items to service provider, and
    • a . If Service Provider has started the work, customer will have to pay complete payment for that order.
    • b . If Service Provider has not started the work, Customer will have to pay visiting charges as per this policy.
  6. If Customer booked an order using Promo Code discount and then he/ she cancels the order, the refundable amount will be the actual amount he/ she had paid except Promo Code discount. Cancellation charges are applicable as per this Policy.
  7. If customer has booked a wrong order(s) or wants to update current order(s) and Service Provider has reached at customer’s site, he/ she can book a new order by giving the reference of previously booked order number during order booking process. If he/ she does so, previously wrongly booked order will be cancelled automatically as per below given cancellation charges –
    • a . If Service Provider is same, there are no cancellation charges.
    • b . If Service Provider is different, cancellation charges as per this policy will be applicable.
  8. Cancellation Charges:-

    • a . Taskoholic will charge only visiting charges as order cancellation charges of its Service Providers provided that three visits of Service Providers are free for each customer annually.
    • b . Visiting Charges are INR 200/- per visit

    Refund of Cancelled Order:-

    • c . If Customer has paid online, cancellation charges will be deducted and remaining amount will be refunded to customer amount/credit card or any other payment mode which was used during transaction.
    • d . If Customer has not paid online, he/ she have to pay cancellation charges offline in cash or cheque after getting relevant bill from Service Provider.