Vendor Business Partner Policy

  1. Whenever Service provider or his/her personnel will visit customers for executing services, he/she need to be in company dress code, if applicable as per company’s policies, as given below :-
    • a . Grey colored T-shirt with Taskoholic logo
    • b . Black colored Cap with Taskoholic logo
  1. Service Provider will pay for the dresses required by him.
  2. Service Provider shall have to execute the tasks once booked at as per the schedule confirmed with the customer.
  3. If Service Provider is not available or don’t want to offer his/her services for a particular time, he/she has to inform the Company one day prior in written/mail/SMS/call.
  4. Service Provider or Company has to inform each other one month prior in written to discontinue the mutual contract.
  5. Contract will be discontinued and Service Provider will be black listed with immediate effect after full settlement of accounts if any violation of guidelines specified in this document observed.
  6. There are following rules for collecting the offline payment from customers :-
    • a . Service Provider will collect the offline payment amount from customers on the bill book of company.
    • b . Service Provider will collect the blank bill book from company.
    • c . Service Provider will have to provide original (white) copy to customer, submit Second (pink) copy to company and retain third (yellow) copy at his end.
    • d . Service Provider shall have to deposit the amount collected through the offline payment mode in company bank account on 15th and 30th of every month (or prior in case of any holiday on these days)
    • e . Service Provider may also request company’s collection agent do collect the payment.
  7. Service Partner have to submit below mentioned following documents for registration process :-
    • a . One ID proof (Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter Card, PAN Card, Passport, etc.)
    • b . One address proof (Ration Card, Electricity/ water/ telephone bill, Passport, etc.)
    • c . PAN Card.
    • d . Bank Account details.
    • e . Two passport size photographs.
    • f . Company or Firm details (if any)
    • g . Qualification and Experience details
  8. Service Provider is required to submit security amount as per following criteria :-
    • a . INR 5,000/- up to a business of INR 20,000/- per month.
    • b . INR 10,000/- up to a business of INR 50,000/- per month.
    • c . INR 20,000/- up to a business of INR 1,00,000 and above per month.
  9. For security, Service Provider will be provided with a Unique Security Code (USC), Service Provider has to tell this code to customer whenever customer ask.
  10. Service Provider can’t deny the customer for executing the service once booked and confirmed to the customer (Except some emergencies of natural disaster, riots, mis-happening).
  11. Service Provider Confirms to the prices finalized in Service Provider registration form.
  12. Payment of orders will be done to Service Provider on the basis of order completion status. Once the customer confirms the order completion and payment is received in company, payment will be automatically credited to Service Providers bank account directly in two working days (it may extend due to some business emergencies).
  13. Payment will be done to Service Provider after TDS deduction on the amount which to be given to Service Provider.
  14. Review/ Revision of pricing will be done with Service Provider in every six months, only if the Service Provider requests for the same.
  15. Company authorized personnel have the right to visit the place where service is being given to verify and judge the service quality.
  16. Service Provider is not allowed to establish any direct contact with customers seeking further business bypassing the company. A penalty of INR 30000 will be imposed if Service Provider is found to establish direct relation with customer and their neighbours.
  17. Service Provider’s personnel/ himself/ herself shall not behave any miss conduct with customer.
  18. In case of any change in address and contact details, Service Provider will have to inform company via written application/ SMS/ mail/ call or any other communication channel.
  19. Service Provider and his/ her personnel shall never visit customers in drunken condition or any other means/ ways/ forms of intoxication.
  20. Service Provider and his/ her personnel shall not carry any legal or illegal arms and weapons like knife, guns etc while visiting customer site for service execution.
  21. Service Provider and his/ her personnel are not allowed to visit customer with any unauthorized person(s).
  22. Violation of points from serial no. 20 to serial no. 22 may lead to police and legal proceeding.
  23. Service Provider will always attend the training programs conducted.
  24. Service Provider and his/ her personnel will always reach customer site on time.
  25. Service Provider and his/her personnel will carry all the tool kits and necessary tools along with him/ her.
  26. Service Provider will not be provided any visiting charges.
  27. Service Provider will not steal anything from customer site.